Consumer tips

How to select the best papaya

Propapaya Members understand that is frustrating for the consumer not to know how to choose the right papaya. We know appearance, freshness, color, fragrance, consistency, ripeness, shelf life and the size of the fruit are very important to you so here are the most important things you must look for if you want the best papaya.


Color: Unripe papayas are green, and as they become mature they obtain a nice orange-yellow color. If you buy an unripe papaya (with a little green on it), just leave it in the kitchen for a couple of days until it’s ripe. If you have some newspaper available try wrapping it up for faster results.

Consistency: When a papaya is ripe, they must be slightly soft to the touch. Avoid those that overly soft or that have soft spots.

Pulp: it must be orange or red so you can get the full Mexican Papaya flavor and experience.

Bruises: Avoid papayas that are bruised, shriveled, or have soft areas as damages can spoil the flavor of the fruit.

Mexican: It has to be Mexican Papaya because they are the freshest available to the US Consumer since it only takes 48 hours for it to be on the shelves from our fields.

So if you want the best, you must purchase the best. Mexican Papayas Rule!


How to store papaya?

Since Papaya´s skin is very thin and soft, it can be harmed easily. Shelf life: Ripe papayas can last a couple of days without the need to refrigerate it. If you do refrigerate it, that will slow the ripening process.

Ripe papayas should be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within one or two days, so you can enjoy their maximum flavor.