In Mexico, there are around six varieties that are grown in order to attend consumer demands in terms of sizes, colors and different flavor profiles.\r\n\r\nHowever, the most popular are Maradol, Tainung and Royal Star.


    • Mexico is the world leader in the Papaya Maradol production and trading
    • Maradol matures slowly and it has soft skin and great consistency that enables it to have good shelf life for the international trade.
    • Maradol is a cylindric and round fruit that has a salmon red color.
    • It is between 8.6 and 11 inches long and it weighs between 3 to 7 pounds.
    • The brix content on average is beetween 9 to 11º (this is the sweetness measurement).
    • It is estimated that 95% of the mexican production comes from the Maradol variety and this is why this cultivar is associated with Mexican papaya although there are other papaya varieties in Mexican fields.

Royal Star

The US market is continuously demanding smaller fruits due to the common modern household structure. Mexican growers are responding to market needs and have come up with a very special mexican variety called Royal Star. This variety has the following features:


    • Personal size (from 1.1 to 2.5 pounds per fruit)
    • Royal Star Papaya has a seductive, pleasant, tropical scent.
    • High brix content (from 12 to 14º average content). It is sweeter than any other papaya variety in the US market.
    • The flesh boasts a bright red color that beckons the palette.
    • It is a fruit that has a very firm consistency.
    • It has double the shelf life than any other papaya variety in the US market.
    • It can be eaten at 50% ripeness creating for greater consumer ease of selection and use.